A new language should be introduced for all countries for international communication.

"A new language should be introduced for all countries for international communication."
Do you think the benefits will outweigh the problems?" 

Now, more than ever, the nations and cultures around the world are caving in to form global identities. As the romantic anthropologists would say, soon there will be one conglomerated nation around the world. Such upsurge of fusion among humanity often encourages many to develop one unified language for all the nations. I believe, though, such a step will be futile because the world already has its international language and may not be welcoming to anymore.

For almost two centuries linguists have tried to establish an artificially formed universal language. Quite evidently they have not succeeded, for various reasons. One is, we already have not one but a few international languages, e.g. English, French, Spanish. And with the growing popularity of English around the world, it already has become the one true universal language. Leaving aside a few lean patches in the third world, and a few proud peoples, an English speaking person can freely communicate at any part of the globe. Over almost half of the last millennium English has slowly infiltrated the territories of other languages through geo-political phenomena and cultural encouragement. A new and artificial language will not have that socio-cultural advantage and is destined to fail.

One might argue that an artificially forged language is culturally neutral and, thus, is morally correct to be the common linguistic ground for the still divided humanity. As fair as it may sound, such opinion lacks rationality. In today’s world of cause-and-effect, we must first find the practical cause for conjuring up yet another language, and there is none. When English, side kicked by a few others, is already doing the job well, there’s simply no justification for inventing further provisions.

So, with the opinion for one unified language around the world, I agree, but there certainly is no need for trying to establish a new universal language because English has already made a head start toward becoming the one global communicative method.

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