In Modern times it is not necessary to use animals as foods or in any other product's like clothes, medicine etc.

"In modern times it is not necessary to use animals as foods or in any other product's like clothes, medicine etc."
Do you agree or disagree. Use logic and give your opinion." 

Sparing the animals from becoming our source for sustenance has recently become a fashionable argument. Even a name has been coined for those who promote it, Vegans. Their thoughts are appealing, and actions fantastic, but absolutely shunning the animate elements of nature, animals that is, is, in my opinion, unnatural.

Veganism   obviously has its roots lying in idealism. It is beyond argument that for this earth to go the distance we must respect Nature and its elements. We mustn’t abuse or over exploit the animal kingdom because preserving those results in long term and ultimate good for mankind. If all were to become vegans, we wouldn’t have to worry about endangered species and maintaining eco systems, but for what use?

It is foolish to think that Man living on other animals is unnatural; many wise ones have proven this long before this time. As cruel as it may sound, the strong few consuming the weak many is what we call the eco system. Animal preservation campaigns are justifiable because if animals run out we’ll have no source, not because us and the animals should independently coexist until the earth simply becomes over populated.

Detractors may argue that it is cruel and, therefore, immoral, to devour, or exploit, the weaklings, and in this era of synthetic everything why can we not live on plant produce and artificial nutrients? The vegetarian element of this argument is defendable to some extent, but not the latter. Nature made us to be omnivorous, and there are other sectors like fabric and pharmaceutical testing where leaving out animals will only risk human lives.

The conclusion hence is simple, we must continue our dependency on animals, only with respect, and discounting animals arbitrarily from all human needs is the misguided dream of a romantic fool.


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