Government should take responsilities to ensure free education up to higher secondary level.

"Government should take responsibilities to ensure free education up to higher secondary level. " To what extent do you agree or disagree the given statement?

There have always been arguments on how much the government should give its people. Amidst the extremely opposing opinions of socialism and capitalism lies the common agreement that whatever the government thinks about peripheral rights, basic needs of a civilian should be catered for. In today’s reality, education up to the higher secondary level has become basic, and, hence, should be sponsored by the government.

However clich├ęd “Education is the backbone of a nation” is, it is an impending truth yet to be realized by many countries of the world. But it is surely understood. With this knowledge when the helmsmen let the impoverished governed fail to pursue their own education, it is not much different from looking away from one’s self-destructing children. Without education, not mere literacy but a knowledgeable understanding of humanity and the universe earned at higher secondary school, the modern man is only set to wither.

If examples must be given, any developed nation may be randomly picked, because national development has always been achieved and sustained by the development of nationals. Singapore, for one, thrives on its high end educational system despite being naturally destitute with little land, agricultural or mineral resources.

Extreme proponents of privatization may cry that government sponsorship handicaps people and given the responsibilities of one’s own development, he will be compelled to rise to the occasion and take control of his life. That’s personal freedom for them. Surely they would think different if their children were thrown into the streets to fend for themselves, because an uneducated citizen, however biologically aged he is, is no more prepared than the defenseless minor for perils of today’s global economy.

In sum, education, at least up to the higher secondary level, is very much a basic necessity of a civilian, and like food, shelter, security, healthcare, it should be provided and guaranteed by the government. 

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