Many people think secondary level students should study international news as a subject. A few believe that it is a waste of time

"Many people think secondary level students should study international news as a subject. A few believe that it is a waste of time.
Give your opinion on both views and suggest your preference."

Our children in schools today are learning to become the citizens of tomorrow. They, especially in the secondary level, are learning all the necessary basics that will equip them for special studies in universities and special duties as young citizens. From that perspective, it seems necessary that they are aware of what's happening around the world. To guarantee such institutionalization as a waste of time. I believe, while international news needs not to be put in the secondary school curricula, students must be generally aware of worldwide happenings through extracurricular activities.
The importance of being at per with the recent happenings around the globe is undeniable. Without such contemporary knowledge no one can thrive in today's global village. Therefore, it is plausible to perceive international news as essential, which renders some to want to make guarantee the learning of what goes around, at home and abroad, among secondary schools students.
There are contrary opinions too. Although, few deny the needful of knowing global facts, many argue that making institutional provisions for something that may otherwise be achieved is a waste of time and resources. It is true that immersed in today's media, a student may easily stay up to date with international news without studying it as separate subject in school.
In my opinion, both views have elements that are undeniable and best be fused for an ideal solution. This solution is developing world wide awareness programs among the young about the importance of news. I therefore conclude that there should be institutional efforts to raise awareness of international news among secondary school students, but establishing it as a separate subject may just be excessive force.

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