Nowadays, young people do not generally show proper respect to elderly people.

"Nowadays, young people do not generally show proper respect to elderly people.

Please discuss the possible impact of the above phenomena on our social values and the structure of the society. "

Gone are the days when parents’ words were divine commandments to children, and seniors transpired an awed veneration among the young. Those days are gone, for better or for worse.

Many argue that more liberal a society, where equality engulfs age, is potentially more harmonious. It is true that in the modern nuclear family children, girls as well as boys, are more at ease and therefore get greater opportunities for psycho-social development as opposed to how they were raised 50 years ago. Child psychologists believe that if parents descend from their traditional aloofness and get closer to their children on the basis of love, care and friendship, rather than authority, the young feel more secured, are more easily educated and lesser likely to be involved in deviant behavior. Also, such children as adults may be more spontaneously committed to their aging parents. Outside the family, at workplace, for example, colleagues reaching beyond the boundaries of age contribute to a more ambient and productive environment. 

On the other hand, the old ways of worshiping the older ones had advantages that are now diminishing. Having a natural hierarchy based on something so simple and undeniable as age means the society could easily be disciplined. While moral qualities in the societies of different eras continue to be subjects of global argument, evidence may be furnished that relatively decadent behavior was thwarted more easily before than it is now. Also, the de facto position of respect that the elderly had in the bygone eras brought them social welfare when they had become weakened by age. At present the only social security that the elderly have are sympathetic children, retirement funds and government patronage, none of which is naturally granted.

So yes, the ritualistic exhibitions of respect to the elderly have been becoming rarities since WW II, and this has been transforming our societies with effects both dark and bright. But good and evil have coexisted since the beginning of time, and tomorrow will always be sunny if we focus on the light. 

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