Writing task 1, test 4, cambridge: 7

The pie charts below show units of electricity production by fuel source in Australia and France in 1980 and 2000. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparison where relevant.

The supplied information obtained from the pie graphs is about the units of electricity production by various fuel sources in Australia and France in 1980 and 200. Above all, there are some variation trends found throughout the figure noticed.

According to the defined graphs, in Australia, the total production of electricity was 100 units in 1980 and 170 units in 2000. They generated half of total electricity by coal sources in 1980, whereas they contributed almost three-quarter electricity units in 2000. By comparison, they made up quite less than twice in 200 as much as in 1980 by Hydo power stations. The units of electricity was encompassed by Natural gas and oil sources falling from 20% and 10% in 1980 to 2 units in both sources in 2000.

In France, however, the total production of units of electricity was evident 90 units in 1980 and 180 units in 2000 which was twice as much as former. They comprised the same units in both year by coal sources. they generated more in 2000 than in 190 by Oil sources. While France's people generated only 15 units electricity by Nuclear power stations, they accounted for the highest units which was 126 units in 2000. They covered the electricity units by Natural gas and Hydo power stations decreasing from 25 units and 5 units in 1980 to 2 units in both sources in 2000 respectively.

To recapitulate, it can be said that Australia's people did not use to generate electricity the Nuclear power station in both years.