Writing task 1, test 1, cambridge: 7

The Table below gives information on consumer spending on different items in five different countries in 2002. Summaries the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparison where relevant.

Percentage of national consumer expenditure by categories-2002

The presented table unveiled a set of statistic information regarding the percentage of national consumer expenditure on various items in five different countries in 2002. Above all, there are some variations trends observed throughout the figure of the information.

Turning to the details, we can demonstrate that the national consumer spent on food or drinks or tobacco 32.14% in Turkey which was the highest percentage among all countries, followed by Ireland with 28.91%. The rest of the countries spent almost similar (16.36%) on that items.

The national consumer spent the highest percentage on clothing or footwear in Italy. There was an identical expenditure among the rest of the countries.

There was a marginal percentage of national expenditure on leisure or education among all countries in which Turkey spent the highest percentage which was 4.35% in 2002, whereas Ireland spent half of that. On the other hand, the lowest percentage was evident in Spain on leisure or education which was 1.98%. Italy and Sweden spent the similar percentage.

To recapitulate, we can say that Turkey spent the highest percent on food or drinks or tobacco and leisure or education with the passage of time. 


  1. Hi, I have written one on the same topic with the help of this write-up. Could you please check that if I post here or text you via e-mail?

  2. Hi, It was a great essay. However, it needs a small amendment in the last sentence. Instead of highest percent you can say highest percentage.

  3. This given table illustrates the details of five different countries buyers expenditures in the three different categories of product in the year of 2002.
    it is clearly visible,costumers spent their most of the money for foods or drinks or tobacco while list amount of money for leisure or education.
    turning to the 1st category,where Turky consumers spend maximum percentage of money for foods or drinks or tobacco which is 32.14% followed by IRE land with 28.91% Italy,Spain and Sweden consumers spent fairly similar amounts. for the category of clothing or footwear,Italy buyers spent the highest percentages which is 9% while rest of the countries buyers spent relative same money,which is just around 6%. in the final category, turkey buyers again spent the highest money which is 4.13% while IREland and spain customers spent half of it with 2.21% and 1.98% respectively

  4. in this essay the writer used a lot of personal pronouns(we can demonsrate, we can say...) and this might be inappropriate to use this words in Ielts examination. Additionally, the details are not clearly demonsrated on the description.
    Personally, i strongly recommend not to use this technique in IELTS