Key Facts about Task Two & Types of Task Two Question & How is Your Writing Marks

Key Facts about Task Two
In both the academic and general training module, you are required to write two essays. For the both tasks you are given only one hour, and it is your capability to describe a pictorial representation in standard written English and to intelligently address any given issue in the written form within the prescribed time, that is assessed in the tasks.

Types of Task Two Question

The question may ask you to
  • Persuade
  • Give suggestions
  • Discuss the pros and cons
  • Discuss the cause and effect
  • Compare and contrast

How Is Your Writing Marked

According to:
  • Task Achievement (answering the question not addressing the topic)
  • Structure
  • The Use of Appropriate / Connectives
  • Coherence / Cohesion
  • Syntactical Styles and Lexical Resources

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